Success stories

Some of the companies which trust us…


13ii Conseil intervened with a major insurance company through statistical works and industrialization scoring with SAS on behalf of the marketing department. These studies were designed to measure the attraction of clients on different offers using advanced statistical methods that are industrialized.
Phase transfer of skills is still one of the keys to the success of our missions. We often carry out in close collaboration with an education’s plan (tools and/or methods) that we develop with our partner Educasoft Formations.

13ii Conseil answered to a large West industrial group on a project to create of global data warehouse for purposes of sale analysis for the marketing team. In this case, the issues of reconciliation of heterogeneous and multilingual data imposed a top-down approach from the user need.

13ii Conseil provides recurring skills to structure data in a sustainable way through an analytical environment. In this context, we are asked to design and industrialize data warehouse and Datamarts taking into account good practices in Datamarts design in addition to historical information. These data structures then correspond to the needs and tools while respecting the culture of our customers. We pay special attention to issues of information governance and necessary convergence of datamarts for the success of such projects. Our references of datamarts design are in the insurance, banking and industrial word.

13ii Conseil intervenes with several publishing companies (book, magazines…) through mission of sales analysis, customer behavior analysis (data mining). We work for many years to analyze business operations to solve the equation: what media, what message should we use to optimize the customer back on the target product ?