Global offer & Expertise



Within this market what is decision or BI, we have always maintained a desire to offer our customer a global offer.
We are therefore able to assist in the formalization of a decision need (what data, business rules, diffusion/access) to ensure convergence.

The choice of data architecture (warehouse design) will be subtle blend of technical capacities, data volumes and expected uses.
The software offers can also affect the project (broadcasting mode, specific storage …etc).

Finally, in addition to the realization that we will propose, we provide change management and the transfer of skills in these new environment and methods of analysis.
We can also offer you in partnership with Educasoft Formations customized education’s plan on selected products (SAS, Business Objects, QlikView, Spotfire) even within your company.


Our interventions

We work on the entire scope of decision-making applications namely:

  • Modeling of decision making data warehouse (relational, multidimensional, Business View)
  • Implementation of information flow of different strata which constitute a warehouse  as follows :
  1. Operational Data Store (ODS – Operational Data Storage) to supply a warehouse without penalizing said production applications.
  2. Datawarehouse and Datamart (modeling star/snowflake – business view – cubes)
  3.  Rejection management and coherence control / quality


  • Decision making project assistance – target decision projects or traversal to organization projects
  1. Definition of key indicators and dimensions of associated analysis
  2. Conception of dashboards
  3. Implementation of these restitution concepts in the form of automatic reporting (push and pull technology / static or dynamic)
  4. Management of associate change


  • Statistics – Business Intelligence & Analytics
  1. Statistics  – Business Intelligence & Analytics
  2. Phenomena analysis (sales, production, Data and Text Mining)
  3. Writing of studies report
  4. Support of Data Vizualization architectures (tools and methods)